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These colorful carbon fiber Kevlar sheets using carbon fiber and aramid fiber or Kevlar material, use plain or twill weave is woven fabric, texture closely, the surface is smooth, the pattern is clear, color is more bright beautiful, so that the surface of carbon fiber is no longer the only black.

At the same time, carbon fiber and aramid fiber is a high strength, high modulus, lightweight, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistant characteristics.

Color available: red, blue, silver, gold.

Product Description

Carbon fiber sheets material


Our high strength colored carbon fiber sheets are manufactured using 100% carbon fiber reinforced with epoxy resin matrix. All composite stacks are laid by hand to ensure maximum homogenization of fiber alignment. Stacks are cured under pressure and then elevated to an optimal temperature to produce a near-perfect composite sheet, the two sides are Kevlar surface, inner is 100% real carbon fiber material. Same with our black carbon fibre sheet, the material of inner have T300 and T700 and T800 carbon fiber material for choosing.

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Product Features

Properties of A Kevlar Sheets

a) Extremely high tensile strength is yet very lightweight. Around ten times greater than steel.

b) Can be ignited but burning stops whenever a source is removed.

c) Doesn't melt. Unlike most plastics, it can withstand a temperature of up to 450-degree Celsius, which is way more compared to any other plastic.

d) No effect of low temperature. When testing it, it did not start degrading until the temperature was as low as -196-degree celsius.

e) Can resist attacks from various chemicals. Unless they are very strong acids or bases and remain intact for quite a long period of time.

f) Kevlar sheets can be found in a variety of colors such as gold, silver, blue and others. Whereas other sheets have color constraints.  


Due to the above-listed properties of kevlar, they prove to be extremely useful and hence are used in various projects in the form of Kevlar sheets or otherwise. Some of them are listed below.

a) Bulletproof and knife proof vests.

b) Car's tires and brakes.

c)  Aircraft bodies. 

However, there's one big drawback of kevlar plates that they're brittle, have very low compressive strength, which is the reason why they aren't sometimes preferred over steel when it comes to building structures. 

      Colored Carbon Fiber Drone Frames    Blue Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Kevlar sheet is well suited for covering large surfaces or for decorative trim and cutting for carbon fiber products. Also some Luxury articles: musical instruments, bags and suitcases, pen tube, artwork ornaments, model, etc.

These Kevlar Plates use carbon fiber and aramid fiber (Kevlar materials), we use plain or twill weave to make their surface as smooth as possible. The Kevlar sheet pattern is clear, colorful and stunningly beautiful. So finally the surface of carbon fiber is no longer black only.

Welcome to sample order to testing and checking Jinjiuyi Kevlar Plates quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

We also manufacture custom kevlar sheets to fit your specs, do not hesitate to contact us: info@jinjiuyi.net.

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