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Custom Carbon Fiber Cutting

Jinjiuyi has been custom carbon fiber cutting for our customers for 6 years. We cut all products base on carbon fiber sheet, Not only we manufacture carbon fiber plate by our own factory, but also CNC machining by our workshop. We have 8 sets of high-speed CNC machine that offer accuracy of 0.05 mm, so we can easily finish your big orders. Thanks to wide experience we offer carbon fiber cutting services of different carbon fiber products purposed for industry and civil, products including high precision automated machine arms, carbon fiber structural components for UAV FPV, racing car carbon fiber chassis, money clips, money wallets, phone case, carbon fiber tag, carbon fiber buckle for belt, and many other CNC machining products.

We now offer the following Carbon Fiber Cutting Services:

Custom cut carbon fiber sheets to your specifications.

CNC machining carbon fiber products according to your design drawings (.dxf or .dwg files).

Drilling for carbon fiber tubes and sheets. 

If you designed your carbon fiber parts and looking to have it cut, Please contact us and send a description of what you need to info@jinjiuyi.net,  We will get back to you with a quote to cut your design.