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How to produce carbon fiber tube?

Pulished on Apr. 04, 2019

Carbon fiber is a new type of structural material. It has been widely used in many fields. Carbon fiber tube is one of the main application forms of carbon fiber composite material, which used in many fields, how is carbon fiber tube produced? This article, I will introduce it to you.

 carbon fiber tube

Carbon fiber tube

Carbon fiber tubes are usually made by winding process, and the winding process is simply summarized as a hot-rolling of the carbon fiber prepreg on the coiler, which is beneficial to the soft roller on the coiler to soften the carbon fiber prepreg and let the resin In a molten state, under the certain tension, the carbon fiber prepreg is continuously wound onto the mandrel by a frictional force with the mandrel during operation until a certain thickness. The surface of the rolled carbon fiber prepreg is also coated with OPP, and then the rolled carbon fiber tube is send into the high temperature curing furnace, cured at a certain temperature and time, and then demoulded, cut off the unstable parts at both ends of the carbon fibre tube, and then post processing.


Carbon fiber tube has excellent mechanical properties, its specific strength and specific stiffness are superior to existing structural materials, and it has the bending strength that most metal materials do not have. It can effectively meet the use strength, the carbon fiber tube is light in weight, and the structure can be lightened. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material with excellent corrosion and aging resistance and prolongs the using life of carbon fiber tubes.

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