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What we offfer?

Jinjiuyi manufacturing carbon fiber sheets and offers CNC cutting service, we custom cut Sim Racing Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels and clubsports steering wheels, we can make the best carbon fiber racing simulator wheels like fanatec, Logitech, apexsimracing, taichisteering, turnracing.


At present, we have cooperated with some top brands of analog racing steering wheel companies. Facts have proved that our quality is recognized. We welcome more steering wheel design companies, racing teams and individual enthusiasts to contact us. If you have a new racing simulation steering wheel design, please tell us, we will provide the best carbon fiber cutting process and the reasonable price.


Choose Jinjiuyi to cut your simracing steering wheels, we can save money and time and offer best quality for you. As a carbon fiber factory, we custom cut many types of carbon fiber steering wheels for sim racing and sim games.


Jinjiuyi offering edge chamfering, rounding edge, cut logo, countersunk and press nut holes, surface treatment painting and coating. All processing bring you a safe and upscale and beautiful experience.


What you get?


There are a TON of racing simulator wheels on the market today, each of them seemingly similar in design, but quantity different. Don’t worry – we’re here to offer you super matte carbon fiber steering wheels.

If you want to custom sim steering wheels, please send inquire or email info@jinjiuyi.net.