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Carbon Fiber Speaker Spikes Cone Protectors Pad Isolation Stand Foot

Our carbon fiber speaker spikes floor protector pad are made by solid carbon fiber, they are durable and light weight base pads, Suitable for speaker, amplifier, CD, DVD player, turntable recorder, chassis, instrument, etc. the speaker shock base pad is used between spike and ground and plays an important role in reducing booming and protecting your hardwood furniture or laminate floor from cone point feet or spikes.

Product Description

Jinjiuyi cut carbon fiber speaker spikes floor protector for many customers,  they ordered many different sizes and thickness, usually 25*5mm, 25*4mm, 25*3mm 50*20mm, 40*10mm, also you can custom your oen size. Carbon Fiber Speaker Spike Cone Pad Isolation Base Feet Pads Hifi Tube Amps CD Player usually 4 pieces per set. Purpose of using Carbon Fiber Isolation Feet to suspend acoustic feedback from your speakers or sub-woofer isolation for vibration. Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement.

Carbon Fiber Speaker Spikes Floor Protector pads

Our carbon fiber products include carbon fiber drone frames, racing car chassis, carbon fiber wallets, belt buckles, mobile phone cases, key chains, business cards, logos, auto parts, medical and electronic accessories. The carbon fiber application field is very broad, customers from different fields are welcome to consult and OEM your products.

Product Features

Color: Black

Product weight: 15g/ each pad

Product thickness: 10mm (0.39")

Product diameter: 40mm(1.57‘’)

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Carbon fiber speaker spike cone pad isolation base feet pads can be installed to turntable deck, amplifier, CD, DVD player and other audio components from vibration, also can be used for furniture and sofas, which can effectively prevent moisture, and also can be used on machinery and equipment.

Carbon Fiber Speaker Spikes Floor Protector pads

We are a carbon fiber factory and offer custom carbon fiber products. If you want to get the Carbon fiber speaker spike cone pad isolation base feet pads price, do not hesitate to contact us: info@jinjiuyi.net.

Our service also including painting, edge rounding and chamfering. After cutting carbon fiber process, all carbon fiber parts with uniform edge and aesthetic appearance look modern and high-tech just what you want.

Carbon Fiber Sheets 500*600 Thickness 0.5-30mm

Welcome to sample order to test and check the quality of our carbon fiber parts. Mixed samples are acceptable.

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