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3K Twill Carbon Fiber Round Tube Roll Wrapped Tubing

Our twill round carbon fiber tube is roll wrapped from unidirectional carbon fiber with a 3k twill carbon fiber fabric outer layer. They not only offer a beautiful surface but also excellent torsional characteristics, as well as crush strength, and are ideal for high torque applications. This round tubing is ideal for building lightweight frames and structures, tubular vessels, poles, column supports, and any other application where low weight and high stiffness are essential and appearance is also important.

Our roll wrapped carbon tubes come in various diameters, lengths, and thicknesses, If you want to buy a large diameter carbon fiber tube or any other specific carbon fibre tube, do not hesitate to contact us, we can custom carbon fiber tube for you.

Product Description

What carbon fiber tube you can buy from us?

Jinjiuyi manufacturing and wholesale multiple finishes with standard modulus carbon fiber tubes offer excellent strength and stiffness, it is 1.5X stiffer than aluminum and is the most economical grade composite tube. Finishes available be twill gloss and twill matte.


How to make carbon fiber tubing?

Our carbon fiber round tube is rolled unidirectional carbon fiber fabric into a mandrel, and roll wrapped a 3k finish fabric exterior. Unidirectional carbon fiber is the structural backbone of all our tubes, the 3k fabric weave that gives carbon fiber tubes their traditional ”carbon fiber look” is only the outside layer and helps with durability. Usually, any wall thickness can be made by changing the number of layers or combining different prepreg thicknesses (usually 0.15mm- 0.25mm thick per layer), Our round tubes typically use layups designed for optimal performance in a wide range of conditions. We use 100% pure carbon fiber materials making carbon fiber tubing in a wide variety of diameters and lengths. Common diameter includes 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm carbon fiber tube, ... 40mm carbon fiber tube, our round tube standard length is 1000mm, If you need a carbon fibre tube with other lengths or diameters, or need colored carbon fiber tube, do not hesitate to contact us, we can cut and custom carbon fiber tubes to your specified.

3K Twill Carbon Fiber Round Tube Roll Wrapped Tubing

Carbon fiber tubes stock.

Even Jinjiuyi is a carbon fiber tube factory, we don’t really “stock” tubing. There are so many different wall thicknesses and lengths options that most tube is custom built for the application. What we do consider stock, is carbon fiber tubing sizes that we already have a mandrel for (tooling). After picking a mandrel, we will engineer a laminate and build the tubes to you specs. Your order can usually be accomplished in about a week.


How to work with us?

If you want to get our carbon fiber tube price, please include ID, OD, length, dimensional tolerances, quantity, structural requirements, surface finish, surface pattern, material (if you know), temperature requirements, processing technology, etc. According to these points, we can easily and quickly quote you the price.

Carbon fiber round tube diameter specifications:

Outer diameter x Inner diameter

1.8mm x 1.0mm

2.0mm x 1.0mm

2.5mm x 1.5mm

3.0 mm x 1.5mm

3.0 mm x 2.0mm

3.5mm x 2.0mm

4.0mm x 2.0mm

4.0mm x 2.5mm

4.0mm x 3.0mm

4.5mm x 2.5mm

4.5mm x 3.0mm

5.0mm x 3.0mm

5.0mm x 4.0mm

5.5mm x 3.5mm

5.5mm x 4.0mm

6.0mm x 4.0mm

6.0mm x 4.5mm

6.0mm x 5.0mm

7.0mm x 5.0mm

7.0mm x 6.0mm

8.0mm x 6.0mm

8.0mm x 7.0mm

8.5mm x 6.5mm

9.5mm x 7.5mm

10.0mm x 6.0mm

10.0mm x 8.0mm

10.0mm x 9.0mm

12.0mm x 8mm

12.0mm x 10.0mm

16.0mm x 12.0mm

16.0mm x 14.0mm

18.0mm x 16.0mm

20.0mm x 16.0mm

20.0mm x 18.0mm

25.0mm x 20.0mm

35.0mm x 30.0mm

If you need large diameter carbon fiber tube, or super long carbon fiber tube, please tell us.

Product Features

Twill carbon fiber round tube properties:

High strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios

Resistance to fatigue

Dimensional stability due to an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

100% high quality pure carbon fiber (aka full carbon).

Pin-hole free high-matte cosmetic surface.

Wide range of diameters and tube lengths available.

Offer carbon fiber tube cutting service according to your design drawings, Cut to dimensions with CNC machining center – which ensures stable and precise dimensions.


Carbon fiber round tube applications:

Unique properties of wrapped carbon fiber tubes place them in high demand in many industries. More and more often these days, carbon fiber tubes replace steel, titanium, or aluminum tubes in applications where weight is an important factor. Weighing in at as little as ⅓ the weight of aluminum tubes, it’s no wonder that carbon fiber tubes are often the preference in industries such as aerospace, high-performance vehicles, and sporting equipment, where weight is a crucial factor.

Carbon tubing can be used for many tubular applications. Some current common uses include: 

3K Twill Carbon Fiber Round Tube Roll Wrapped Tubing

Carbon fiber tube for rc planes

Robotics and automation

Telescoping poles, carbon fiber trekking poles

Metrology instrumentation

Idler rollers

Drone components


Lightweight drums

Industrial machinery

Guitar necks

Aerospace applications

Formula 1 race car components


How to use carbon fiber tubes?

  1. Drilling holes on tubes, and using screws locking together.

  2. Carbon fiber tube connectors and accessories.

Use carbon fiber connectors or accessories to connect our round tubes together to form complex rigid structures. It’s easy and quickly assemble and disassemble tubing structures, suit for carbon fiber tube DIY project.


Jinjiuyi is able to provide an extensive range of high performance, light weight carbon fiber tubing for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. Available in standard and custom sizes, our lightweight, carbon tubes exhibit outstanding strength, durability and rigidity. They deliver excellent tensile strength characteristics compared to conventional structural metals and are the first choice in a variety of performance applications.


If you have any carbon fiber tube project, Please contact us our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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