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Carbon fiber sheet plate 300x200mm 3k plain

Our high-quality carbon fiber sheets are made with layered carbon fiber unidirectional cloth and resin, two outer skins are 3K plain or twill finish, the inner material is 100% pure carbon fiber cloth, To achieve maximum stability and flatness in the sheets, we used 'balanced' laminates for all sheet thicknesses which making them the same strength all the way through.

Product Description

We use 100% high strength carbon fibre reinforcement and epoxy resin under high pressure and temperature to manufactured 300x200mm carbon fiber sheets, after cured they have a class-A finish on each side. Before cutting or stocking or shipping the carbon fiber plates, we coated a high-quality protective film on their cosmetic side to ensure they remain in pristine condition.

Carbon fiber sheet plate 300x200mm

Our carbon fiber plates are made with layered sheets of carbon fiber and resin, making them the same strength all the way through. 200x300 carbon fiber panels available in 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thickness in a range of sheet thickness up to 25mm, usually they are black color and 3K weave, glossy or matte finish.


Color: Black

Weave: Plain Weave

Material: Glossy Carbon Fiber

Tensile Strength: 3200Mpa

Surface Treatment: 3K Glossy or Matte Surface

Thickness: 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5mm – 15mm

Size: 300x200mm

Thickness tolerance for our High Strength Carbon Fibre Sheet varies with thickness, as follows:



Thickness & Tolerance


1mm +/-0.2mm


2mm +/-0.2mm


3mm +/-0.2mm


4mm +/-0.2mm


5mm +/-0.3mm

Product Features

100% high-quality pure carbon fibre (aka full carbon).

Pin-hole-free high-gloss cosmetic surface.

Flat, textured bonding surface on the reverse.

Wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes available.

Offer CNC cutting service according to your design drawings, Cut to dimensions with CNC machining center – which ensures stable and precise dimensions.


Our standard carbon fiber board size is 400 x 500 mm, 500 x 500 mm, also custom size fit for your projects, max size to 1000x1000mm. Carbon fiber sheets are suitable for a huge range of structural and cosmetic applications within motorsport, racing car chassis and parts, marine, light aircraft, shop-fitting, exhibitions, automation, medical, scientific and many more.

If you want to cut some carbon fiber parts or products, we suggest you choose our standard size 400 x 500 mm, It's more economical, Or we offer CNC cutting service according to your design drawings. We currently supply specialist carbon fibre sheet and cut to drone frames, money clips, key chains, sim racing steering wheels, business cards, and many famous brand carbon fiber parts.


Our sophisticated manufacturing process and facilities mean that Jinjiuyi team can produce carbon fibre or composite sheets to almost any specification. Good news for you, we support custom carbon fiber sheets for small runs and offer reasonable prices for CNC cutting/machining service with fast delivery (usually 7-10 days).

 Carbon fiber sheet plate 300x200mm 3k plain

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