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Carbon Fiber Tube Overview: Advantages Disadvantages and Application

Pulished on Aug. 29, 2022

In the application of carbon fiber products, carbon fiber tube and carbon fiber board appear more frequently. Carbon fiber tubes can replace the application of metal tubes in many fields. In this paper, we will give you an interpretation of the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber tube to help you have a better understanding of carbon fiber tube.


What Is Carbon Fiber Tube & How Does It Work?

Carbon fiber tube, also known as carbon fiber tube, also known as carbon tube, carbon fiber tube, is made of carbon fiber composite pre immersed in styrene based polyester resin by heating, curing, pultrusion (twisting). In the manufacturing process, various profiles can be produced through different molds, such as carbon fiber circular tubes of different specifications, square tubes of different specifications, sheets of different specifications, and other profiles: 3K can also be wrapped for surface packaging and beautification during the manufacturing process.

Features & Characteristics:

- High tensile strength: the strength of carbon fiber is 8-10 times that of steel, usually above 3500MPa, and the excellent performance can reach 5000MPa.

- The density is small and light, and the density is only 1/4 of that of steel.


Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Tube

1. Light weight is a very important advantage of carbon fiber tube. The density of carbon fiber itself is relatively low. The density of carbon fiber tube produced and processed is about 1.8g/cm3. Compared with the common steel tube, it is only a quarter of its weight. This makes the advantage of carbon fiber tube particularly obvious in the application of many weight reduction products, which requires a very strong advantage.

2. The tensile strength is high, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber tubes is also very high. In the production of carbon fiber tubes, due to different processes, the tensile strength of carbon fiber tubes produced is different, but no matter how low, there will be 40million psi, usually about 100million psi. The tensile strength of steel tubes can only reach 29million psi, which also makes the tensile strength of carbon fiber tubes reach more than three times that of steel.

3.Shear strength. Shear strength refers to the strength performance of the transverse force received. The shear strength can be changed by different layers of carbon fiber pipes. Generally, the shear strength of carbon fiber pipes can reach 8gpa, which is also much higher than that of traditional steel pipes.

4.Convenient construction: it occupies less space, does not need large machines and tools, does not need wet operation, does not need hot work, does not need on-site fixed facilities, and has high construction efficiency.

5.High stability. Compared with metal pipes, carbon fiber pipes have better corrosion resistance and strong aging resistance, which makes the performance stability of pipes very high and their service life longer, including better stability at high and low temperatures, and also have very good performance in some bad environments.


Disadvantages Of Carbon Fiber Tube

1. The price is high. Compared with metal tubes, carbon fiber tubes are more expensive. In addition to the cost of raw materials, the production and processing process of carbon fiber tubes requires a lot of labor costs, so the price will be much higher.

2. The performance of carbon fiber tubes is affected by raw materials and production processes. At present, carbon fiber prepregs are mostly used for the production of carbon fiber tubes, and the ratio of carbon fiber and resin in carbon fiber prepregs is particularly critical. At the same time, different production processes should be selected for different pipes, such as carbon fiber square tubes and carbon fiber rectangular tubes, which should be molded, while carbon fiber round tubes are mostly molded by hot pressing cans.

3. Carbon fiber can withstand a high temperature of thousands of degrees, but because it needs to be mixed with resin in actual production, and resin is a non high temperature resistant material, normal carbon fiber tube can withstand a temperature of about 300 . In order to open up more application markets, thermoplastic carbon fiber prepregs are being actively developed.


Application of Carbon Fiber Pipe

Carbon fiber tube is an ideal choice for hobby and industry professionals. The rigid, very hard and lightweight tubular structure of carbon fiber can be used in a wide range of applications. Carbon fiber tubes can replace steel. Carbon fiber tube can weigh 1/3 of aluminum tube, and still has the same or better strength characteristics. Therefore, carbon fiber reinforced tubes are usually found in applications with light weight, such as aerospace, car racing, and leisure sports.

Carbon Fiber Tube Applications

1. Using its light and strong and light and hard mechanical properties, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, construction, mechanical equipment, military industry, sports and leisure and other structural materials.

2. Taking advantage of its corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good perpendicularity (± 0.2mm) and high mechanical strength, the product is suitable for the transmission shaft of circuit board printing equipment.

3. Using its fatigue resistance, it is applied to the blades of helicopters; Using its vibration attenuation, it is applied to audio equipment.

4. With its high strength, anti-aging, UV protection and good mechanical properties, it is suitable for tents, building materials, mosquito nets, ball bags, bags, curtains, advertising display racks, umbrellas, sails, fitness equipment, arrow poles, golf clubs, golf practice nets, flag pole switch pins, water sports equipment, etc.

5. With its light weight and good toughness, the product is suitable for kites, flying saucers, bow backs, electric aircraft, and various toys.