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Why choose jinjiuyi carbon fiber team?

Jinjiuyi offers a wide range of carbon fiber tubes for different applications. Our main products are rolled wrapped round carbon fiber tubes, square carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber poles, carbon fiber flat materials, carbon fiber heterogeneous materials, glass fiber tubes, glass fiber rods, and so on. We wholesale carbon fiber tubes which are producing by our own factory, giving us complete control over the characteristics and quality. If you’re replacing an existing metal tube, a good way is with a similar dimensions carbon fiber tube. Jinjiuyi carbon fiber team will give you some suggestions and steer you down the right path.


Roll Wrapped Prepreg Round Carbon Fiber Tubes

Our carbon fiber round tubes are made of multi-layer unidirectional carbon fiber and 3K weave carbon fiber fabric rolled on the axis mold. The thickness of carbon fiber tube depends on the number of layers of the inner unidirectional carbon fiber. The surface texture of the carbon tube is generally 3K twill or plain weave, gloss or matte finish can be chosen freely, the 3k fabric weave that gives carbon fiber tubes their traditional ”carbon fiber look” is only the outside layer and helps with durability. Unidirectional carbon fiber and fiberglass  can also be used as the surface of the tubes, such fiberglass tubes can be many different amazing colors. We usually manufacturing carbon fiber tubes with standard modulus.

Custom Carbon Fiber Tubing

Even Jinjiuyi is a carbon fiber tube factory, we do not really “stock” carbon tubes in warehouse. There are too many different wall thicknesses and lengths options that most carbon fiber tube is custom built for the application. What we do consider stock is carbon fiber tubing sizes that we already have a mandrel for (tooling). When you purchase carbon fiber tubes, we can quickly delivery the tubes in 7-10 days. Jinjiuyi always offers custom-make carbon fiber tubes services, if you need large diameter carbon fiber tubes or super length carbon tubes, we can customize them according to your size. The maximum diameter of our carbon fiber large tubes up to 60mm.


Buy Carbon Fiber Tubes from Jinjiuyi

As a professional carbon fiber tube supplier, we did not listed all the products here, so hope you can tell us your project details including ID, OD, length, dimensional tolerances, quantity, structural requirements, surface finish, surface pattern, material (if you know), temperature requirements, processing technology, etc.


Here is our round carbon fiber tube list, some of products 20% OFF, If you want to know our carbon fiber tube price, please send inquire or email info@jinjiuyi.net.

If you do not find what you need in our catalog, talk to our engineers about your specifications. 


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