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Do you need custom carbon fiber sheets?

Pulished on Oct. 15, 2022

Customized products are becoming increasingly popular in different industries, customers can get the selection of features they come to expect. Do you need custom carbon fiber sheets? When and why do you need it? Let’s talk about the pros, cons, applications, prices, and more about carbon fiber plates and other products. 

Do You Need Custom Carbon Fiber Plates?

The customization of carbon fiber plates allows clients to personalize your product based on your actual needs and the production uses. Customization involves product sizes, colors, geometries, exclusive functionalities, templates, and flexibility with product design. You presumably had a favored color, shape, and set of features in mind when you were looking for something. In the absence of additional requirements, the product had to satisfy the existing ones. You could have the product made specifically to your specifications. So if you have specific requirements, what you need is probably custom carbon fiber sheets. 

custom carbon fiber iPad case

                                                      Custom carbon fiber case for iPad

Advantages of Custom Carbon Fiber Plates

- Applications specified by customers. No matter what industry of your product, Jinjiuyi will customize the carbon fiber plates for your specific application. Extensive experience and specialized expertise allow us to provide the custom product to work well. You can get the perfect product for your project.

- Shorter lead time is possible. Upload your digital file and send it to the manufacturer, the digital flow optimizes efficiency. The process can be made simple and fast online, which results in a shorter lead time.

- Better products. You can design your own personalized products by changing their color, shape, texture, or dimension. The customized product with unique features will adhere closely to your needs and wishes, and also gives maximum satisfaction.

- Reduce return rate. Offering customized items is more likely to drastically minimize the percentage of returns, which reduces the additional costs and resources needed on transporting the product both ways. Offering customized products also allows you to have greater control over a product and know what to expect from it.


Disadvantages of Custom Carbon Fiber Plates

- Price. Customized products are usually more expensive than standard ones, because manufacturing multiple versions of the same product takes time and money, and the development team needs to invest more resources to build new product features. Our price of custom carbon fiber plates is more favorable than that produced in India and lots of other countries, and our quality will be top-line, that's more and more customers buy carbon fiber products from Jinjiuyi.

- Complexity. Another higher risk factor is that custom products usually mean higher complexity and it has not been widely used.


Custom carbon fiber sheets made by Jinjiuyi have extremely high strength, are lightweight, with a shiny and clear appearance, and there is a wide selection of different thicknesses and sizes options that most plate custom made for the application. If you need special-size carbon fiber plates or CNC cutting carbon fiber, please feel free to contact us.