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What is The Best FPV Drone Frame for Sport & Filming

Pulished on Aug. 18, 2022

FPV Racing Drone

"FPV (First Person View)" is operated while watching the video transmitted from the drone to the smartphone or HMD (head mounted display). It is possible to enjoy a realistic first-person perspective. Since you can check the flight status in real time, it is also useful in scenes where more accurate flight is required. Especially in drone racing, it is necessary to operate with FPV, so it is a recommended function for those who are considering participating in drone racing.

As drone races are held every day, many people are starting to race drones. Here, we will talk about "frame selection," which is the core of a drone for racing.


FPV Racing Drone Frame Design Points

What is required of building a racing droneframe? There are various things such as "speed", "agility", "durability", "weight / payload", etc. The frame has the role of mounting various parts such as propellers and motors, but it is not enough to just put them on, "size, weight, material", "impact absorption in case of a crash", "assuming the placement of various parts", "airframe". It is normal to consider each frame such as "center of gravity and aerodynamics".


Best Racing Drone Frame Material

What is The Best FPV Drone Frame for Sport

Drone production is generally achieved by mounting parts on the airframe frame. As for the frame, the one made of carbon is strong and lightweight, so we think it is better to choose the one made of carbon fiber as much as possible. Since carbon material has conductivity that allows electricity to flow, be careful not to cause a short circuit during manufacturing.There are many carbon frames as the material, but for example, the weight and durability will change completely depending on whether the thickness of the bottom frame is 3 mm or 4 mm.


Best Racing Drone Frame Sizes

Previously, 250 size (diagonal motor spacing was 250 mm) was the mainstream for FPV racing drones, but recently, small frames are often used from the viewpoint of further agility, and the mainstream in racing is also 210. Moving to size. The 210 size aircraft can comfortably use the 5 inch propellers most often used in racing. The X type, which has the minimum size of the main body of the aircraft, is also popular with racers, but the space for mounting parts will be quite tight, so I think it is better to avoid it as the first aircraft.

In addition, the aim is to improve maintainability by making it easier to remove the four legs of the quadcopter, and there are various things such as raising or lowering the position of the center of gravity.


Best Racing Drone Frame Shape

What is The Best FPV Drone Frame for Sport

As long as the flight controller and motor can be arranged horizontally and evenly, you can fly any shape of the aircraft frame, so you can create your own original frame. It's a little heavier, but some people use aircraft frames created with 3D printers.But which is the best frame for a racing drone after all? There are various types of racing drone frames. What's good after all?

1. Comparison of FPV Frame Shape

Factors that greatly divide exercise performance:

Frame shape

Battery position

The shape of the frame is roughly divided:

FPV Drone Shape

X Frame

HX Frame





Below the frame

Above the frame

Easy to assemble



Air resistance







① About weight

As you can see from the shape, the X frame is clearly simpler and lighter. Light weight is a very advantageous condition for flying drones.

② About battery position

The kinetic performance of the drone changes depending on whether the battery is positioned up or down.The top and bottom are well-balanced with the propeller as the boundary, and the one with the weight concentrated in the center (called the concentration of mass) can move more quickly.

Placing the battery position up balances the motor underneath the propeller for agile movement.On the contrary, if you put the battery position down, it will move smoothly.

You may want to put the battery down because it moves smoothly, but that should be done in the flight controller settings. Lowering the PID value will make it smoother.Also, stacking it on top makes it harder for beginners to destroy the battery.Conversely, advanced users are more likely to destroy the battery.For advanced players, it ’s almost because the drone flies 90 ° (upward facing forward).

③ About ease of assembly

The X frame has a limited space for mounting each part, and it is troublesome to arrange the parts.Since the HX frame has a large mounting space, it is easy to arrange parts.

④ About air resistance

Since the X frame is simple, it has low air resistance.Since the body part Of the HX frame is large, the air resistance increases.

⑤ About agility

In both cases, the battery position can be placed either up or down, but it is assumed that the X frame has the battery at the bottom and the HX frame has the battery at the top.As mentioned in the battery position, the HX frame is more agile.However, in the top racer class of drone racing, even with the X frame, there is a feeling of pushing with motor power and sense.


Which Is the Best FPV Racing Drone Frame?

After all, at the moment, when it comes to the top racer class, it seems that it doesn't really matter whether you are physically agile if you have power and sense.To think physically, but the lightness of the aircraft, air resistance and resistance to breakageare also important.

lThen, the X frame is good for advanced users because it is light and has low air resistance, and it is hard for advanced users to destroy the battery.

lFor beginners, the HX frame is good because it is easy to place parts and it is hard for beginners to destroy the battery.

The difficulty of breaking is directly related to the amount of practice. First of all, it is most important to be able to practice a lot. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or a rich person who can make as many finished products as you want.