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What Jinjiuyi carbon fiber team offer for you?

Firstly, we manufacturing all kinds of carbon fiber sheets for you, our standard size is 400x500mm 500x500mm 500x600mm, thickness from 0.3mm to 25mm.

Second, we also custom carbon fiber sheet to fit your size and thickness, whatever 4x8 or large carbon fiber sheets or 0.010” (0.25mm) thin up to 1.00” (25.4mm) thick carbon fiber sheets.

Third, we offer carbon fiber CNC machining service according to your design.

What is carbon fiber sheet?

Carbon fiber sheet, also known as carbon fiber plate, carbon fiber panel, carbon fiber board or carbon fiber composite sheet. It is an advanced fiber reinforced resin composite material with a density only 1.76g/cm3 and a tensile strength 3500MPa or more. The production process is formed by laminating hot-pressed carbon fiber prepreg.

How we design and produce Carbon Fiber Laminated Sheets?

0°/ 90° (Standard and Balanced Layup)

This is standard layup for carbon fiber sheets, which is suitable for most applications. Balanced, 0°/90° carbon plates offer excellent strength and stiffness in the axial and transverse directions. Our 0°/90° carbon fiber plates are evenly distributed, unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg, in the 0°, 90° orientation.

Quasi-isotropic (0°/90°/+45°/-45°)—Special Strength Layup

In order to meet higher demanding applications, we use 0°/90°/45° unidirectional cloth fabric balanced and symmetrical lay-up when producing carbon fiber laminates sheets. This addition of 45° layup is more rigid in that axis. Our quasi plates are evenly distributed, unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg, in the 0°, 90°, +/-45° orientation.

Our carbon fiber laminate sheet is made of prepreg carbon fiber sheets and resin, it's flat and clean, unlike other inferior carbon fiber plates are curved and uneven. Buy flat carbon fiber sheet from us.

What carbon fiber material we use?

Jinjiuyi is a professional carbon fiber sheet manufacturer located in China, we purchase carbon fiber raw materials from Japan's Mitsubishi and Toray company. We produce rigid carbon fiber sheets according to customers demand. Our normal strength material is T300 carbon fiber sheet, high strength material is T700 carbon fiber sheet, and the best strength material is T800 carbon fiber sheet.

Our carbon fiber sheets surface are available:

3k plain gloss, 3k plain matte, 3k twill gloss, 3k twill matte, unidirectional carbon fiber sheet made by T300 or T700 carbon fiber material, Forged carbon fiber sheet.

The color of the carbon fiber sheets not only black, but also colored carbon fiber sheets for embelling our lives, such as blue, red, silver, gold carbon fiber sheet.

What 's the price of carbon fiber sheet?

When you ask the price of carbon fiber sheet, you need to know what specifications of carbon fiber plate you need, such as the size, the thickness, the finish and the weave of the carbon fiber sheets. We need to get the basic information before we can quote you. For example, a T300 material 200*300*1.5mm carbon fiber sheet price is about $14, while a 200*300*2mm carbon fiber plate price is $17. As a carbon fiber sheet supplier, you can compare our carbon fiber sheet prices with  any other supplier. Of course, if you want to buy big quantity of carbon fibre sheets, we can give you wholesale price, that will be cheaper more.

The price of carbon fibre sheets in US or Canada or UK is 30%-50% higher than ours, and some are even more. Our price is more advantageous than carbon fiber sheet produced in India, and our quality will be better than theirs, and what important is we can ship to the world Various countries and regions. This is why more and more customers buy carbon fiber sheets from Jinjiuyi.

Carbon fiber sheet stock

Even Jinjiuyi is a carbon fiber sheet factory, we do not really “stock” carbon fiber sheets in warehouse. There are so many different thicknesses and sizes options that most sheet is custom made for the application. What we do consider stock is carbon fiber raw material that we already in stock. When you purchase carbon fiber sheets, we can quickly deliver in 7-10 days. Also, Jinjiuyi offers custom-make carbon fiber sheets services, if you need large size carbon fiber sheet or CNC cutting carbon fiber sheet, we can work closely with our clients to meet their exact specifications, so if you want to buy carbon fiber sheet or get the latest price, please send inquire or email info@jinjiuyi.net. Also, if you need a special size or thickness carbon fiber panel, please tell us, we can custom carbon fiber sheets to your specs.

Here is Jinjiuyi carbon fiber sheets list, some of our products 20% OFF.



Professional supplier of carbon fiber sheets. Panels are available in thickness from 0.5 mm to 25 mm and standrad size: 400x500, 500x500 and 1000x1000mm and large carbon fiber sheet.