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What Is The Difference Between Black Carbon Fiber Sheets And Kevlar Sheets

Pulished on Sep. 09, 2019

What Is The Difference Between Black Carbon Fiber Sheets And Kevlar Sheets?


Are you looking for a difference in carbon fiber sheets and Kevlar sheets? Well, don’t worry, we have just made your work easy!

Both sheets are used in manufacturing many daily life products. Kevlar is based on the material of complex polymer molecules, and fiber is a thin hair-like material. They are woven together in strong bonds to form a cloth or sheet.

In this content, you will know the purpose of both sheets and the fundamental difference between them.

Black Carbon Fiber Sheets

Black carbon fiber sheet.jpg

Carbon fibers are composed of multiple, thin and robust filaments of carbon atoms. It has high stiffness and high tensile strength. It is the very lightweight which makes it ideal for aerospace, military and motorsports racing. It is used as an alternative material for heavy aluminium in bicycles. It is also used as strengthening material in resins and ceramics. The demand for carbon fibers is high in the automotive industries. Carbon fiber doesn’t only come in black color. There are various colored carbon fiber sheets for a decorative alternative.

Kevlar Sheets

Kevlar plate.jpg

Kevlar sheets have very high tensile strength. First, a basic plastic is produced then it is turned into a strong fibre to make a Kevlar. The molecules are aligned with each other making an extremely tight bond which helps to make a bulletproof vest. It is also used in bicycle tires and racing sails. The demand for Kevlar is high in marine industries.

Difference between black carbon fiber sheet and Kevlar sheet

· The main difference between both sheets is that carbon fibre is much stiffer than Kevlar. This makes carbon ideal for making different products of strong, light and stiff structure.

· Carbon has low fracture toughness. You can easily cut the sheets with the help of scissors. Kevlar, on the other hand, has high fracture toughness that’s why it’s tough to cut even from sharp scissors.

· As the name implies, black carbon sheets are only in black color. Whereas, Kevlar plates can be found in a multitude of colors such as silver, gold, yellow etc.

· You can easily crack carbon fibres, especially when the force is quickly applied. It does not stand impact loading such as crash; instead, it will shatter in pieces. A single crack on carbon fibre can result in more cracks, which are somehow not a good thing. While Kevlar is hard to crack, and it stands pretty well to impact loads. That is why it is used in bulletproof vests.

Which is better?

· Carbon fiber material is best for the areas which require more stiffness and strength. It is also the most expensive of reinforcements.

· When choosing the material to use for reinforcement, then Kevlar is an excellent choice for that because it depends on the type of loads.

· Kevlar is also better in extreme temperatures than carbon fibers. That’s why it’s the best choice in the marine industry.


Carbon fiber and Kevlar are known to be the most composite materials that are strong and function very well. They have continuously been used in several areas like in sports cars, body armors and aviation. These two mostly work for similar purposes, but they differ in some aspects which are discussed above. I hope you find the article helpful.