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M3 Countersunk Hex Socket Screw 7075 Aluminum Alloy Flat Head Metric

M3 Countersunk Hex Socket Screw 7075 Aluminum Alloy Flat Head

Model: M2/M3 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm
Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Surface:Anodic oxidation
Type: DIN7991
Size: As the picture shown

Product Description

Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Type: Countersunk Head Screws, DIN7991

Color: Purple, Red, Green, Black, Blue, etc

Tensile Strength: 524Mpa
0.2% Yield Strength: 455 MPa
Elastic Modulus E: 71 GPa
Hardness: 150HB
Density: 2.81g/cm

Product Features

- Made of 7075 Aluminum alloy material,High-strength heat-treatable alloy.

- Easy to process, good wear resistance,Good mechanical properties.

- Corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance.


1.aluminum material,any colors could be anodized for free.

2.M3-M5 size are available,widely used for Drones, FPV frames, RC model etc.

3.other materials are avaliable, like stainless steel, alloy steel etc.

4.professional manufacturer of Drone parts,include carbon fiber sheets,cnc cuttings,fasteners.

5.high precision tolerance for all cnc cuttings,includes cnc carbon,screws,standoffs/spacers,nuts

6.OEM and ODM services offered

If you want to buy 7075 Aluminum Alloy DIN7991 screws or get 7075 M3 countersunk screws price, please send inquiry or email info@jinjiuyi.net.

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