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M3 Nylon Hex Spacer Standoff for FPV Racing Drone Frame 10mm

M3 Nylon standoffs are really suitable for FPV Racing Drone Frame and other RC parts.

Product Description

Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Quantity: 1-10000pcs
Standoff Length: 10mm (not include male end thread length), other length option
Male end thread length: 10mm
Thread: M3 (3mm)
Thread Pitch: 0.5m

Product Features

1. Nylon M3x10mm Threaded Male-Female Standoff Screws Assortment Kit.

2. Nylon has the characteristics of insulativity, Non-Magnetic, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance and etc.

3. Application in computers, electronics,  PC board, FPV racing drone frames, RC parts, and other DIY hobbies, etc.

4. Light weight.

5. Cheap price.

M3 Nylon Screw Black Hex Screw Nut Nylon Standoff for FPV Racing Drone Frame 10mm

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