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Offer Mark 4 Mark4 V2 7inch 295mm Quadcopter Freestyle FPV Racing Drone Frame

Jinjiuyi carbon fiber team offers CNC cutting service for mark4 and mark4 v2 7inch FPV drone frames for you, also we can supply full FPV Freestyle Racing Drone Frame Kits.

We show this drone frame, just tell you we can cut the frames for you.

Product Description

Frame typeH-TYPE

Propeller : 7inch

Motor to motor295mm


Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/20*20mm


Arms plate : 5mm

Side plate : 2.5mm

Top plate : 2.5mm

Bottom plate : 2.5mm

Protect plate : 2mm

Camera mount size:19.3mm

Offer Mark 4 Mark4 V2 7inch 295mm Quadcopter Freestyle FPV Racing Drone Frame

Recommended configuration:

Flight Controller: RF/Kiss/F3/F4/F7

Motors: 2305/2306/2407/2408/2507

ESC: 40A-60A

Propeller: 7 inch

Battery: 4S 1800mAh-6s 2200mAh

Product Features

Super lightweight, done frames are made by full 3K carbon fiber sheets
Exquisite exterior design, sturdy and durable structure
Chamfer treatment between the arm and the body, smooth and scratch free
Lower center of gravity design
Flight control comes with shock absorbers to reduce flight control pressure
Customized thickened aluminum columns to ensure body strength
High quality real carbon fiber plate, high-precision CNC machining
YFS screw, hardness level 12.9, Durable steel hardware


Q1: Can I fly FPV drones without prior experience?

A: We recommended to start with a simulator to gain flying skills before flying a real FPV drone. Flying FPV drones requires some level of skill.

Q2: Are FPV drones easy to assembled?

A: For beginners, Ready-to-fly drones is the best choose, come pre-assembled and require minimal setup. Racing drones may require some technical knowledge and customization. It is essential to follow assembly instructions for safe and optimal performance.


Offer Mark 4 Mark4 V2 7inch 295mm Quadcopter Freestyle FPV Racing Drone Frame

FPV drones provide an unmatched flying experience that taps into your inner pilot. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced flyer, there is a perfect drone option available for you. With a wide range of choices, from ready-to-fly drones to racing drones and long-range drones, the possibilities are endless. Consider your goals, budget, and desired features to make an informed decision. Prepare yourself to soar through the skies, capture breathtaking aerial footage, and embrace the thrill of FPV drone flying like never before.

If you want to create your own FPV racing drone, choosing the right frame suit your level and style is crucial, Order frames from us now to get started.

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