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2021 Best Audi R8 SIM Racing Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Plate

Our Audi R8 sim racing steering wheels are made of real carbon fiber, usually, our customers chose 3mm or 4mm thick carbon fiber.

Getting a carbon fiber Audi R8 steering wheel can really set your ride off with a custom look. No matter the color of your vehicle, carbon fiber steering wheels simply go with everything. You’ll get a totally custom look no matter which carbon fiber Audi R8 sim steering wheel you choose.

Product Description

Jinjiuyi carbon fiber team manufactures extremely lightweight and robust components of composite materials for sim racing games, including the sim steering wheel panels for the Audi R8. Your hands on the wheel, the car in neutral, when you taps the gas pedal. The engine roars. Over six hundred horses, a whole herd champing at the bit to take off galloping, all this is like entering a real F1 track, making you excited. 

Audi R8 SIM Racing Steering Wheel Forged Carbon Fiber Plate   Audi R8 SIM Racing Steering Wheel 3K Carbon Fiber Plate

     Audi R8 GT3 sim racing steering wheel forged carbon plate                      Audi R8 GT3 sim steering wheel 3K twill matte carbon plate

Build quality:

Our carbon fiber racing steering wheels are made of real carbon fibre, they are not perfect, but really good. These steering wheels make the use of carbon-reinforced composites a no-brainer. They’re 40 percent lighter than aluminum. The noble and unparalleled texture of carbon fiber has attracted countless virtual racing enthusiasts. Because the Audi R8 uses a lot of carbon fiber components on the body, the use of carbon fiber sim racing wheels in virtual racing is the yearning of many enthusiasts. This feeling is like you driving this Audi R8 car on the F1 track.

Our Audi R8 racing simulator steering wheel can be equipped with carbon fiber shifter paddles. It is the favorite of the most DIY projects who can build a simulated racing car and drive iRacing at home, it will be the best sim racing wheel.

Considering the production time in producing the custom carbon fiber steering wheels, we ask for your patience, because these steering wheels cut from carbon fiber sheets by CNC machines, and we offer chamfer edges on your controls steering wheels. Usually, it will expect 8-12 workday delivery time after purchase.

Product Features

TypeSim racing steering wheel

Item: Audi R8

Size: 286.34*180.89mm

Thickness: Machined out of high quality 3mm / 4mm carbon fiber.

Layup: Twill Weave

Finish: Matte

Options: Carbon fiber shifter paddles

Also you can order plain matte or other finish carbon, edges chamfering is available.

What we make is only steering wheel carbon fiber plate.

For PC or Console use only.


Your steering wheel is one of the most important parts of your car with which you interact the most. That is why our team is putting the highest effort and combines the highest quality materials and craftsmanship into a unique and satisfactory upgrade that you will enjoy every time you step into the car.

Great build quality and craftsmanship with jinjiuyi carbon sim racing wheels and you can feel it when you have one in your hands. You would definitely buy other racing wheels from jinjiuyi and hope that we will make more DIY steering wheels in the future.


Steering Wheel custom choices and options include:

Top and bottom section in full carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber paddle shifters.


Jinjiuyi is merging the gap between dream play and real play sim racing games. Order your own sim racing wheels from Jinjiuyi carbon fiber, You won't be disappointed!


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