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Choose the Best YFS 12.9 SCREWS , 7075 SCREWS and aluminum standoffs for Drone Building

If you want to build a drone, first you need a list of drone hardware and parts. You can find out the size and spec of the drone parts from the list. Jinjiuyi not only cut drone frames according to your design but also offering drone parts such as: yfs 12.9 screws, 7075 aluminum alloy screws, titanium screws, aluminum standoffs (spacers) and press nuts. Whether you are using quadcopter drone or agricultural drone or racing drone, they are perfectly matched to your frames, they are rugged and reliable.

YFS 12.9 grade alloy steel hex socket screws have 3 types: button head (ISO7380)flat head (countersunk /DIN7991) and cup head(DIN912), they have the best strength and perfect gun color.

7075 aluminum alloy screws also have 3 types: button head (ISO7380)flat head (countersunk /DIN7991) and cup head(DIN912), they have 11 colors,  higher strength and light weight, best for racing drones.

Titanium screws also have 3 types, they have the best strength, it's ideal for racing drone and freestyle drone.

Aluminum standoffs usually have 4 types: round, round step head, knurled, knurled step head, and other sharp models. They have M2 M3 M4 sizes and multi colors for choosing, and best strength and light weight.

Press nuts, stainless steel material, also called sunk nuts, the standard model is M3, also custom for M2 press nut. they are best for carbon fiber drone frame assemble.

We have a large selection of DIY drone kits. Feel free to browse our drone frame hardware or tell us your spec.

If you want to buy hardware for building drone frames, please send inquire or email to info@jinjiuyi.net.